Bio-Artificial Cartilage

Cytex's bio-artificial cartilage mimics the mechanical and biological properties of natural cartilage. It can be used to replace arthritic hip cartilage through a much simpler surgery than is currently available via hip arthroplasty.  It will also provide relief for patients who are not good candidates for total joint replacement and who are left to manage chronic pain through pharmaceuticals.  (See Osteoarthritis.)  Other envisioned applications for this technology are cartilage products for osteoarthritic knees, shoulders, and other joints.  Cytex is also conducting research to develop applications for cartilage injuries and defects.

Benefits Provided:

  • Joint resurfacing with Cytex's bioartificial cartilage eliminates the underlying cause of arthritis, thereby eliminating joint pain and enabling the patient to resume normal physical activity.
  • Provides a surgical therapy for patients who are not candidates for total joint replacement surgery, but have failed more conservative treatments.

Advantages Over Alternative Treatments:

  • First available total joint surface repair solution to restore native tissue function.
  • A simplified surgical approach that allows quick recovery and mobility.
  • Proprietary three dimensional scaffolding is engineered to mimic the principal mechanical properties of native cartilage.
  • Minimal risk of body rejecting the bio-artificial cartilage.

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